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Edelweis On Papandayan

When I first knew Tora and Wisha will go to the mountain, I was tempted to join and invite Aria participate. Although I do know mountain climbing is not something fun instantly. Need struggles and processes. My experience several times to walk away, I always cry in the middle of the road. Waerebo I was not able to cry because I was busy chatting with a local guide. But in Gili Lawa, Badui Dalam and forests in Aru, Aria had to persuade me to wait with the lure of destinations soon visible. Yes, I walked a couple of times with a duration of time long the dark. 8 hours approximately. So when I wanted to go to Papandayan feel brave enough to take the risk of a hike for 3 hours.

Funnily enough to H minus one ahead of hiking time, we have not had time to pack and get ready. Happens in the day it happened complicated. We intend to bring portable turntable to the top of the mountain, but the battery could not be bought. Was willing to make vblog about traveling while you hear music in the wild, and all of plans are failed


Papandayan known as the mountain for beginner climbers, the track is not too hard, the forest is still nice to enjoy and have a wide field Edelweiss.

We started journey around 2 am and arrived at 5 am on Garut. After going to the market and rest a while, at 9 am we started to go hiking. On the market I had stoned who was thrown by a madman that looks like a zombie. Absurd.


Approximately 3.5-hour hike up and down and past the limestone plateau that smelled of sulfur, finally arrived at Pondok Selada, our camping spot.

Because pitched tents require special skills, I could only watch while eating snack and warm mug beans in the kiosk. Yes, do not worry hungry stomach, many kiosk up there. Pssst.. for you are not confident of a hike but still want to go, there are motorcycle taxis that can deliver up to the tent area.HAHA!


Alex (@amrazing), is one of the people who made us want to go to Papandayan, see the edelweiss and shooting stars. At night, the preparation is ready to take a star. We are looking for the right moment while waiting for dinner. Suddenly, i heard the sound of crutches crutches krusuk..gedubruuuk .. .. tent we entered into a boar and he could not get out of the tent. Confused and then tore the inside of the tent with fangs, once the tent was collapsed. Event 1 minute was enough to amaze me, boars destroying tents in a short time. I still did not believe that he knew that he was looking for was wheat biscuits that are already open. Whether he likes or a very sharp nose that can smell a biscuit from a distance. Between upset, wonder and laughter, we started cleaning up to move the tent. Once completed through all the drama boar, stars not seen covered with clouds. Slightly disappointed but still fortunately it did not rain.

We decided to go to bed early in to see the sunrise, again when you wake up and go to the crater, the sun was not visible due to heavy clouds. Im not disappointment because traveling is not allowed expects, I cheerfully wanted to go out to find edelweiss . Saw the photos on the travel blog and tempted to run and greet the beautiful flowers.

That plan went out to the field edelweis not very smoothly, was a stray one hour past the endless steep hill. Finally we decided to split up the group and find their own way and be successful. Previously passed road is hard enough and quite difficult to pass, fortunately, we can find another way.

IMG_0034 (1).JPG

This the edelweiss field that I loved. i wanted a longer stay here but I still nervous if meet again boar. HAHA.

I make a collection of songs that is good to hear while enjoying the edelweiss meadow, enjoy the mixtape.




London Musical Trip



Music lovers pick London as their bucketlist. So did I, dreaming of London for exploring the various music was born on this city. On last September I got a chance to visit with the family for 6 days. I use this opportunity to digging LPs, visited record store and enjoy the musical performance.Here are a few places that I visited with the shortest possible time. As usual I always go to the art market and flea market.


  • Let’s start from Camden market. Quite interesting but too neat and touristic for me. But I can get older musicians LPs with low prices, 3 pounds, 2 pounds even if you are lucky. There are 3 record store quite a lot of choice but not quite complete. There is one special record store reggae music here. Provided free wifi for you who like digging while browsing discogs. LOL.


  • Covent Garden market, also known as the art market. The artist sells his work here. Once satisfied to see that the market like this exhibition, we could relax in the food court area similar to the many choices of good food. Try Mushroom Burger from Shake n Shack. In the middle big mushroom they put mozarella . While enjoying the food you can watch a variety show performance of the brass section to the opera singer.

    A little out of its market area you can see at a record store that guards once pleasant and very helpfull; Fopp. This is the first record store I went to, a collection of its current musicians quite complete. One floor second floor mixed music and movie collection. Cheapest price compared to other record store.




  • Portobello Market, one of the most lovely market in London. Colorful, warm, market spilled filled with street performers, antiques and LPs is expensive, many rare releases and legend. But do not worry Rough Trade is open here as well, if you can not to East London, could be spending a physical release here.



  • Berwick street, Soho.Initially we were here because my husbro want to take pictures set in Berwick street along LPs Oasis “Whats The Story Morning Glory”. And I was met with Reckless record , record store that has a collection of jazz releases overwhelming and it turns out they are orange shop in the Oasis album cover.  After chatting with a Japanese man kind we left Tesla Manaf’s CD he listens. And not far from there is place to drink beer, a complete painting tools and Sister Ray Soho is famous as a first Sister Ray on London. Waaa .. everything is unexpected. This delightful area. Do not forget to stop by also to Sounds of The Universe, still in the same area.


  • One of the most impressive from the street performer London is well-organized, those musicians who mostly sell releases, so we linger to see his performance. A small part singing, but still played with soulful.



  • You have not been to London if you have not watched any of a variety of musical performance. The Book of Mormon, Lion King, Mamma Mia, Billy Elliot, The Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables and Wicked. We chose Wicked because of love with the story Wicked Witch and OZ. It turned out that the price is still relatively affordable, 20 pounds. Not too far from the stage. If one wants to watch at close range can rent binoculars for 1 pound.


Unfortunately we don’t have enough time for  jazz bar,  Abbey Road, Beatles museum, live musicIndependent Label Market, where labels will be selling direct to fans, it’s in Spittalfields Market.

We also passed Soul Brother record store which is said to have a great collection.Next, we will should stop by. We will back to London for the survey Substore London. Amen. HAHA


Our Lovely Song

Dengan dibuatnya mixtape ini saya akan sedikit menceritakan perjalanan persiapan pernikahan yang seru, sederhana dan intim.

Persiapan hanya membutuhkan waktu sekitar 2 bulan saja dan kami tidak ada rapat keluarga. Perlu diketahui satu minggu sebelum kami menikah ada 2 kejadian menggemparkan, kontrakan kebanjiran dan tiba-tiba saja H-3 sampai satu hari sebelum pernikahan kami harus pindahan rumah. Alhasil kami pasrah banget dengan persiapan dan mengerjakannya dengan bahagia tanpa ekspektasi karena kepalang stress dengan hal-hal yang terjadi sebelum pernikahan.

Pernikahan kami terbagi menjadi dua sesi, adat & akad di Tasikmalaya dan wedding dinner di Jakarta.

wedding Tasik
wedding Tasik

Keduanya hanya jeda satu minggu saja. Di sini saya akan menceritakan tentang keseruan menyiapkan wedding dinner intim dengan budget minim.

1. Dekorasi

Kami mempunyai seorang tetangga yang multi talenta, dia sehari-harinya adalah art director beberapa film Indonesia ternama, iklan, video klip dan pengusaha furniture pemula. Silakan ketik nama Andromedha Pradana di mesin pencari. Dia dan timnya yang berjumlah sekitar 5 orang, seminggu sebelum pernikahan membuat semua dekorasi dari nol. Saya dan suami melihat sendiri bagaimana mereka memilih materi hingga membuatnya elok dan cantik. Kebetulan wedding dinner kami memilih untuk membuatnya di belakang rumah nenek di daerah Lebak Bulus.

stall makanan
stall makanan baru dicat

Ini penampakan taman belakang rumah nenek. Biaya terbesar untuk dekorasi, kurang lebih 20 juta. Ditambah dengan beberapa properti tempo dulu, kami memberi tema pernikahan ini Indonesia 60s.

before and after our grandma garden
before and after our grandma garden

Properti paling kami sukai yang sudah disiapkan oleh Andro adalah Vespa klasik dan pohon Harapan. Pengunjung bisa menuliskan harapan yang kemudian digantung di sini.

Vespa dan Pohon Harapan
Vespa dan Pohon Harapan

Dan inilah dekorasi kami saat senja dan saat malam.

Saat senja
Saat senja
saat malam
saat malam

2. Kostum

Ini adalah hal yang paling sederhana. Tema Indonesia 60s membuat kami hanya mengeluarkan budget kecil, 35 ribu rupiah untuk dress saya dan 250 ribu rupiah untuk jahit celana Aria.

photo 1 (4)

3. Tata Rias

Teman saya tersayang, Nanath bela-belain datang ke Jakarta untuk merias saya padahal kondisinya sedang hamil. Dia nyetir sendiri demi merias saya langsung. Langsung aja main ke untuk tahu betapa kerennya make up dan hair do-nya. Harga buat saya sangat istimewa dan tidak akan dipublish. (senyum)

photo 1 (3)
Dandanan 60s ala Nanath

4. Wedding Ring

Di Pasar Santa ada seorang desainer jewelry lulusan Milan yang membantu kami membuat wedding ring superkece. Dia baru pertama kali bikin wedding ring tapi hasilnya memuaskan banget. Bisa lihat video pembuatan cincinnya di sini. Kurang lebih biaya untuk materi dan ongkos adalah 5 juta, ia ga ambil untung.

wedding ring
wedding ring by babby

5. Makanan dan minuman

Banyak orang keren di pasar Santa yang memang ahli makanan dan minuman, ada @ABCD_Coffee, @sepotongkue, Zuppa Soup Patra, nasi kebuli bang Hoody dan makanan lezat Indonesia dari ibunda @misshotrodqueen, tante Roesje. Biaya keseluruhan untuk makanan 200 orang sebesar 18,5 juta rupiah.

A Bunch of Caffeine Dealer
Sepotong Kue family

6. Talent

Saya dan Aria sepakat untuk mengajak kak Tiwi Sakuhachi untuk main musik, Samson Pho sebagai DJ dan kak Lea & Papang menari di penghujung acara. Silakan menghubungi mereka langsung, lagi-lagi karena harga istimewa saya tidak akan publish, perkiraan habis sekitar 5 juta untuk keseluruhan pengisi acara.

Berikut keseruan acara saat mereka menghibur tamu yang datang.

Tiwi and her lovely accordeon
Samson Pho
Dansa dansi
Nari bareng

 Itu dia rincian pengeluaran saya dan Aria di wedding dinner kami. Rahasia-rahasia di atas akan terungkap dengan cara menghubungi yang bersangkutan langsung atau kami buatkan pernikahan intim serupa tapi berbeda. Oiya untuk yang bertanya-tanya kok ga ada MC? Karena budget kami terbatas kami ngMC sendiri di pernikahan ini. Fotografer dan videografer pun kami memakai jasa adik dan sepupu-sepupu.


Asyik kan pernikahan sederhana di bawah 50 juta rupiah. Lebih intim, menyenangkan dan meninggalkan kesan dalam bagi kami. Terlebih untuk pohon harapan yang indah ini, terimakasih Andro..

Leia dan Neo di pohon Harapan
Leia dan Neo di pohon Harapan
Neverland Family
Atri di Pohon Harapan
Leia doodle..
Glowing tree